Dental Marketing

After the student graduates as a dental surgeon, the person will be faced with several factors that will play an important role in the surgeon’s growth. The individual will face a massive competition of dentists who want to excel in this area and if the person is not willing to improve and acquire skills will not be able to distinguish in this area. One of the best allies for the dentist to position himself in the market, apart from his skills, is the correct use of marketing.

Marketing are sets of strategies or activities that study the behavior of markets and the main needs of consumers. By studying the desires of potential consumers, it helps to know how to capture and retain the audience. Nowadays, the people who invest in a good marketing plan are those who tend to be much more successful due to the fact that methods are analyzed and visualized according to the dentist’s needs and the service capacities that can be offered.

To make the dental clinic more important, it is necessary to have a target audience or specialization. Many dentists in Tijuana use this type of strategy, for example:

Preventive dentistry- plaque detection, placement of sealants, preventive orthodontics, etc …

Curative Dentistry- Restorative and aesthetic treatments, maxillofacial surgeries (orthodontics, odontopedoatrics, odontogeriatrics).

Rehabilitation dentistry – prosthetic treatments and implantology (dental implants Tijuana, prostheses, among other things).

To attract the attention of consumers you can use different methods or categories.

Discounts and promotions

We know perfectly well that people are fanatics of everything that involves saving money, using that factor can make the population know your services and find out what are the main needs that happen to the people. It is important that if you are going to carry out this type of strategy you are based in the socioeconomic level and in the geographical location.  

Image is everything

It is well said that a good image opens the doors to many opportunities so you must take advantage of this detail to stand out from the competition.  The good use of this element will allow you to attract more people, likewise, you can use certain services that will be attractive and will help people feel comfortable with the services offered. For example, if your clinic is focused on children, you can use decorations that attract their attention or use a children’s area.

Other details that you can offer to your patients is to offer them water or coffee, to give them free oral hygiene kits or internet, although you think that they are insignificant details they really are not, your patient will feel comfortable and with attention, this will achieve that it visits constantly the doctor’s office.

Hello digital era!

It is necessary to revolutionize and one way to do it is through social networks and websites. This kind of platforms help you to let people know more about your clinic and all the services you offer.

To have an active social network is important to generate quality content and interest according to your target audience. Produce audiovisual content to attract more attention. And dedicate time to those people who follow you, answering any doubts they may have. Concerning to websites, you can create a space for you to upload interesting content, that is, a blog and you can follow other recommendations to make your page more popular.


Technological Advances In Dentistry; The Digital Era

Scientific and technological advances have allowed man the rapid development of innovations that have facilitated certain tasks. These changes that arise are a product of the need that the human being has to improve processes that were previously more complicated to carry out. And one of the sectors most benefited by science and technology has definitely been the medical industry because thanks to these investigations and experiments that were carried out to arrive at a final product, they have improved the quality of life of society as a whole. And in this case, in the area of dentistry, where progress has had a significant impact on people’s lives, not only improving their appearance but also their physical and mental health. Innovations ranging from the replacement of damaged teeth by prostheses implanted in the roots that perform the same function as natural teeth; improvement in the treatment of brackets, with the emergence of those “invisible”; tools and appliances that allow the dentist a better view of the oral cavity, among others.

The era of digitization has allowed medicine to implement these benefits for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of medical processes, in order to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of treatment The instruments, born from the digital environment, allow a greater optimization of resources and measurable results. The dentistry sector is gradually entering into the digital world, where there will be changes not only in the work of dentists but also in techniques and procedures. We should remember that the work of a dentist is very manual, but it is expected that with the arrival of digital tools the quality of all treatments will improve; where there is a double gain (dentist and patient).

One of the advances with respect to the digital area in the focus of dentistry are the scanners, where the physical impressions will be left aside to give way to the digital scanner, allowing the dentist a greater panorama of the area of the mouth and thus plan and reduce risks during treatments. This implies that the dentist must have greater management of computer equipment since all the information will be thrown to these devices.  As well as advice for him and for all the personnel in his charge. The digital era to the dental field will be a key piece to make procedures faster and to offer the patient greater comfort since many of the methods will be reinforced by digital data. So there are practically two benefits to be highlighted: avoiding loss of accuracy and manipulation of erroneous data for correction.

The digitalization of images in 3D will enable the dentist to perform treatments based on the images and thus see all the possibilities it has, to be able to rotate the image to see different angles, for example, this technique would serve much for the planning and placement of implants, being a guide for the manufacture and design of prostheses. Definitely there is still a long way to go to implement different technological advances, but odontology is a field that generates a great opportunity to put into operation different novelties and trends that stand out today. Different dentists in Tijuana perform their procedures with innovative devices that will give the patient a better treatment.

¿Qué es el marketing y cuál es su utilidad?

El marketing, o mercadotecnia en español, es una disciplina que se encarga de estudiar los productos y a los consumidores para de esta forma poder crear estrategias que ayuden a posicionar productos en el mercado y que las personas tengan el deseo y la disposición de adquirirlos. El punto del marketing es llevar a cabo actividades, métodos y estrategias que logren o al menos faciliten la venta de un producto o servicio, para esto existen diferentes tipos de estrategias. De hecho existe una carrera que se dedica especialmente a eso la cual es una carrera especializada justamente en estudiar y crear estrategias para apoyar al poscicionamiento de una empresa, producto o servicio.

Algo que es indispensable conocer sobre el marketing son las 4 p’s:

La primera es el Producto o Servicio, esta es la parte más importante dentro de cualquier estrategia de marketing pues en ella hay que basarse para lograr satisfacer las necesidades de cualquier público. Para definir el producto o servicio es de suma importancia tomar en cuenta las necesidades del consumidor que lo puedan hacer sentir que está obteniendo beneficios para que de esta forma se vea motivado a adquirirlo.  

La segunda se refiere al Punto de venta o distribución, esta se refiere a que es necesario analizar los lugares estratégicos donde más conviene distribuir el producto, estos pueden ser desde una tienda en línea hasta tiendas físicas en diferentes lugares y hasta países. El principal objetivo de esta estrategia es facilitarle a los clientes obtener los productos y servicios para que los adquieran más de una vez.

La tercera es el Precio del producto o servicio. Esta es una de las decisiones más importantes a considerar pues  tenemos que definir que tipo de clientela queremos atraer, si queremos posicionar nuestro producto como un producto de lujo o como uno de venta masiva, para esto hay que evaluarlo y saber cual va a convenir más y de esta forma evitar de todas las maneras posibles perder dinero y obtener más ganancias.  Y también tenemos que tomar en cuenta que muchas veces el precio es lo que le da la imagen al producto o servicio, por lo que hay que tener en cuenta esto.

Y la cuarta y pultima es la Promoción, esta es donde el marketing entra a fondo pues necesita utilizar todas las herramientas que están a su alcance para poder difundir las características, beneficios y todo lo que sea posible sobre el producto o servicio para de esta forma atraer clientelaa a que reconozca el producto y de esta forma lograr aumentar las ventas.

Con esto podemos darnos cuenta de lo importante que es el marketing Tijuana, pues para que cualquier producto o servicio logre posicionarse y tener éxito es necesario que tenga una buena estrategia de marketing, como ejemplo podemos pensar en Coca Cola, uno de los casos más éxitosos, pues la estrategia de marketing que esta empresa manejo fue la clave de su éxito rotundo, así que cuando nos preguntemos cual es la importancia del marketing solo hay que acordarnos de este caso y nos quedará claro.